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All About Gracie

Gracie Nuñez is originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. She is a proud wife, mother, and small-business owner who is passionate about serving the RGV community and supporting local business.

Gracie worked in the RGV restaurant industry for 13 years before opening Gracie’s Goodies. Although she opened shop in 2010, Gracie has been practicing her craft since she was a little girl in Guadalajara. She credits her Abuela for teaching her traditional Mexican recipes that comfort the soul.

A dream that is close to Gracie’s heart is to see Downtown Harlingen revitalized through visitors and local businesses. She invites you to visit her shop and take a stroll down Jackson Street as you enjoy your sweet treats from none other than Gracie’s Goodies!

Gracie’s Signature Recipes