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School Fundraisers

We would love to help you reach your fundraising goals this year!

How it Works:

Choose Your Gourmet Apple Selection

Click below to check out our gourmet apples and pick your Top 5.

Secure Dates and Submit Selection

Please call Gracie at (956) 451-1671 or email her at to secure your selling period/delivery dates and solidify your Top 5 Apples.
*Delivery Fees may apply depending on location.*


You will receive a PDF of your custom order form. You can then print out the form in color and distribute it to the fundraiser participants.
You can start selling the moment you receive the order forms.

Tally Up and Pay Deposit

Tally up the orders for each apple and turn in the total orders to Gracie at least 5 days before the set delivery date.

At this time, Gracie will email you an invoice for the 50% Deposit.
She accepts Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card, and/or CashApp.

*The remaining 50% will be paid at the time of delivery.*

Delivery Date

Gracie will arrive at the previously decided place and time with all the gourmet goodies!
*The remaining balance will be due upon delivery.
Apples are individually wrapped and will be boxed up by category.